Limpley Stoke Eco House

Eco House, Limpley Stoke, Nr. Bath
Architects, Hewitt Studios

The clients for this project required a new modern home that also delivered very high levels of sustainability and comfort.  Specifically they wanted it to be a “Zero Carbon” home in operation and to achieve Lifetime Homes.
AABEN’s early involvement in modelling and assessing the concepts enabled significant reduction in total energy demand and in enhancing all the sustainability objectives of the project.
The heavily glazed design combined with a heavyweight lower floor on the sloping south facing site makes best use of passive solar gain but triple glazing throughout to minimise heat losses.  High levels of insulation and low air permeability are combined with minimised thermal bridging and heat recovery ventilation to further reduce the overall energy demands.
The upper floor is primarily of timber with a green roof. A linear light well links both floors on the Northern side, providing a top lit gallery at the lower level enabling passive stack ventilation of both levels and night time cooling of the concrete intermediate floor slab.