What we do

Aaben supports designers, developers, constructors and private clients by supplying research, assessment and design expertise in all aspects of sustainable building.
We contribute at all stages from concept to completion. This includes the planning process, design briefs, performance specifications,  energy and sustainability assessments, advice on materials and construction methods and energy systems.

We work with developers and designers as part of the design team adding comprehensive energy and sustainability expertise.
We provide a holistic approach to balance conflicting demands and ensure the most appropriate and cost effective solutions.

Blueprint - cost extimating

We work closely with clients to understand their needs and aspirations. We guide them through the complexities of sustainable building in order to achieve the highest levels of sustainability, efficiency and comfort without compromising aesthetics and design.
Our role is to ensure buildings meet or beat desired standards and statutory regulations.

Passivhaus is a German low energy building standard. Passivhaus buildings have almost no space heat demand and so do not require conventional heating systems. They also provide the best levels of thermal and environmental comfort whilst delivering significant carbon emission reductions.

At Aaben we use the Passivhaus design tool in many of our new build and refurbishment projects to achieve the highest energy efficiency.

This alternate Passivhaus standard can be used for refurbishment projects where the Passivhaus standard is impractical.
Passivhaus buildings save approximately 75% of the energy use of a current new build home.

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Total sustainability
There is more to sustainable building than energy and at Aaben we also work on all other aspects of your project. This will include such areas as water usage, choice of materials, waste management, pollution reduction, lighting and ventilation, future proofing, flexibility and security and ecology.

Natural building
At Aaben we have broad expertise of natural building and non-conventional construction, including areas such as ‘breathing’ (vapour permeable), construction, natural and bio-degradable materials, passive ventilation and un-conventional building methods such as straw bale, lime hemp, cob, and green roofs. We also work with a number of experts in these various fields.

Stuffing staw into walls

Planning Approval Assistance
Local Authorities have a variety of planning policies to meet the demands of national planning rules for sustainable building, energy efficiency and carbon reduction. We can provide help and support for your planning application with, project assessments, sustainability and energy statements and feasibility studies.

Richard Hopkins – R & J Consultants Ltd – Planning Support

Aaben provides assessment and compliance services

Full SAP calculations for Part L1a (New build domestic) compliance and Energy Performance Certificates
Energy calculations for Part L1b (Existing domestic ) compliance.

Code for Sustainable Homes 
Scoping and pre-assessments, design/construction stage and post-construction assessments

Scoping and pre-assessments, design/construction stage modelling and post-construction assessments

Through our partners we also deliver SBEM non-domestic energy assessments, and BREEAM sustainability assessments.

Aaben deliver seminars and training courses on a range of ‘green building’ subjects. Bespoke presentations can be written to meet your specific requirements.
Recent events for other professionals have included ‘Meeting Part L’, ‘Building to the Code for Sustainable Homes’, ‘ Passiv Haus Primer’,  ‘Fabric first design’.
Other presentations to non-professionals have included ‘Low energy buildings’, ‘Heating systems’ and ‘Renewables’.

To view the presentations click on the links below

Building to the Code for Sustainable Homes

Passiv Haus Primer

In 2013 we also ran:
A custom designed workshop on sustainable building for a UK Co-housing project.
Seminars at two Green Register Master-classes.
A full day “Masterclass” on Passivhaus in conjunction with Mark Saich of Green Building Solutions.

For further details of Green Register Training Courses click on the link below.

Green Register Training

Click on the links below to download documents

What is Passivhaus?

Carbon v Energy